Plain 100 Trail Rules

Follow RULES of headquarters host site. Don't park on the airfield.

You MUST check in at each CHECK POINT & tell us if you DNF.

No pacers allowed on the course.

No dogs allowed on the course (dogs are pacers).

No flagging.

You receive nothing from anyone. Water comes from streams or lakes.

No aid on the course from any source.

No stashing. You have no drop bags or stashes on the loops.

You also have everything with which you started, with you at all times, this includes going up to Klone Peak.

At the end of loop one and before starting loop two at Deep Creek, you can have all the aid you want, from any number of people. You can drop everything you carried for loop one and start fresh with all new stuff if that is what you want to do. Once you start loop two you must carry everything through that loop to the end again and not accept anything from anyone.

There is one exception to the above; you can always accept or give aid to a fellow runner entered in the race.But, NO MULING.

If someone figures out what they think is a cool way to use the above rules to their advantage over their fellow runners, I reserve the right to disqualify them.


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